Jul 3 - Jul 9

Fledgling Golden Eagle

A starving young Golden Eagle was found near Imnaha, about 100 miles east of Pendleton. There was no sign of the parents, who apparently were not able to find enough food for the eaglet since he is nearly 50% underweight. He does not appear to be injured. We have begun treating his dehydration. The challenge will be to slowly stimulate his GI tract to begin functioning properly again. Extreme emaciation is one of the most challenging conditions we encounter.

GOEA fledge

Red-tailed Hawk 17-368 Update

The electrocuted Red-tailed Hawk is still very unhappy, but after nearly a week, he has begun eating on his own. The wounds on his wingtips are healing nicely. Hopefully he will be ready for a test flight in the coming week so we can further evaluate the damage caused by the electricity.

Electrocuted RTHA

Merganser Release

Dedicated (and very determined) volunteer Tara was able to locate some merganser families at the marshy end of Phillips Reservoir near Baker City. She sailed forth in her 8-foot boat to the perfect release site. Thank you Tara!

Merganser release.001

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