Lynn's Journal

July 18 - July 24

GOEA rad.001

Golden Eagle Denio Update

Denio arrived in Pendleton three weeks ago. Her partially healed femur fracture continues to mend. Although her right leg is shorter than the left, it is hoped that her young age will allow her to adapt with no long-term consequences. …

July 11 - July 17

Groggy BAEA

Eagle Eleven

The week started with intern Parks traveling to Jubilee Lake Campground to capture an injured Bald Eagle, the 11th eagle of the year. He arrived at the campground to find the eagle, already captured, wrapped in a shirt, resting in a large ice chest - the only container available. …

July 4 - July 10

Swainson's MBD

Metabolic Bone Disease in a Young Hawk

Most people know raptors are predators and hunt/eat other animals. For some reason “other animals” is often interpreted as meat, specifically hamburger. Meat has virtually no calcium in it. A young growing raptor needs lots of calcium in its diet for normal bone development and metabolic processes. 

June 27 - July 3

GOEA Denio

What do a Golden Eagle, a Great Blue Heron, 6 baby Northern Harriers, 6 more raptors and 15 other birds have in common? They were all admitted for care this past week!

We call her Denio

BMW has the most awesome network of members, volunteers and supporters. A call came on Friday morning from a man in Denio, NV who had found an injured

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