Lynn's Journal

Jul 24 - Jul 30

BMW Organization of the Year

A Busy Week at BMW

Twenty-two new patients arrived this past week. They ranged in size from a 3 gram hummingbird to a 3 kilogram golden eagle. They traveled from Quincy, WA, 170 miles north of Pendleton and Frenchglen, OR, 250 miles south of Pendleton, and quite a few places in between.

Jul 17 - Jul 23

Barn Owl rads.001

Barn Owl Sunset Release

Barn Owl 17-286 was admitted on June 10 unable to fly. Radiographs showed an injury in the right shoulder. We were unsure if he would be able to fly well enough to release.

Fortunately he had other ideas. Six weeks later his release was picture perfect.

Jul 10 - Jul 16

RB Gull

 One Lucky Gull

A young, still downy, gull was hungry and looking for something to eat. It spied a tasty morsel lying on the ground and ate it, but it couldn’t swallow the whole thing because it had a very long, skinny tail. Fortunately, someone spotted the gull with a long piece of fishing line protruding from its mouth and called Blue Mountain Wildlife. …

Jul 3 - Jul 9

GOEA fledge

Fledgling Golden Eagle

A starving young Golden Eagle was found near Imnaha, about 100 miles east of Pendleton. There was no sign of the parents, who apparently were not able to find enough food for the eaglet since he is nearly 50% underweight. He does not appear to be injured. …

Jun 26 - Jul 2

Hardworking interns

Another Busy Week

Its hard to believe 2017 is half over. We continue to be very busy, with 21 new admissions this past week, including 11 raptors. For a week, we were fortunate to have the help of three interns. On Tuesday we bid a fond farewell to Julia as she flew home to New Jersey. …

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