Lynn's Journal

Jun 19 - Jun 25

K & J & ducklings

Another Busy Week

BMW’s Pendleton and Tri-Cities centers continue to be very busy places, about 20% ahead of last year, with 611 admissions to date. This may well be the year we admit more than 1000 patients! Below, interns Julia and Shannon treat an American Kestrel.

Jun 12 - Jun 18

3 awesome interns

Thank you for the outpouring of get well wishes!

Thank you to all who have sent cards, notes and prayers for my speedy recovery from knee surgery. I’m doing well - started physical therapy last week. BMW continues to be in the capable hands of Bob, our staff, Winnie and Samantha, three awesome interns and the most amazing network of volunteers you can imagine. …

June 5 - June 11

Maggie In Charge

Lynn’s Away/Maggie’s In Charge

This is an abbreviated newsletter, not because we haven’t been busy, but rather due to my brief absence. I should be back by the time this is posted, and I’ll have a brand new knee! I’m leaving Maggie in charge so everyone will be closely supervised. …

May 29 - June 4


Cutest Bird of the Week:  Baby Common Merganser

This ball of fluff weighs 44 grams, just over 1 1/2 ounces. It was found wandering through the woods near Lostine, OR. The rest of its family was no where to be found, so it hitched a ride to Pendleton. Mergansers are diving ducks, eating fish and aquatic invertebrates. …

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