Lynn's Journal

Aug 25 - Aug 31


Thank You Wildlife Support Charitable Trust!

Blue Mountain Wildife received a $5,000 grant for Operating Expenses from the Wildilfe Support Charitable Trust, a trust that benefits wildlife throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. This generous gift is appreciated very much and will help us continue to provide high quality medical care and treatment to injured wildife. 

Aug 18 - Aug 24

Pfizer Vfend.jpg

Thank You Pfizer!

Pfizer, a US pharmaceutical company, has donated six bottles of Vfend, a highly effective antifungal medication used to treat aspergillosis (asper) in raptors (and people) to Blue Mountain Wildlife. This incredibly generous donation has a retail value of $2,200

Aug 11 - Aug 17

Osprey 1.jpg

Osprey Fly Free

Three young Osprey were released this past week. One had been found tangled in baling twine, hanging from his nest which was on a BPA transmission tower in Finley Washington. Two were knocked out of their nest near Burbank Washington by a parent who was tangled in a fishing net. …

Aug 4 - Aug 10

Emily & Kestrel release.jpg

Swainson's release

On our way to the Richland Public Library to do a program, we stopped at the Tri-Cities Center and released an adult Swainson's Hawk who had been admitted two weeks earlier with a head injury. There was no hesitation when Bob opened up the box!

Jul 28 - Aug 3

Long-eared Myotis.jpg

A new species: Myotis evotis

Yes, its a bat! An Idaho family visiting Anthony Lakes in eastern Oregon turned the car around to see what was crossing the road. It was a bat! They (carefully) picked the bat up and took it into Baker City where they called Blue Mountain Wildlife and were referred to Baker City volunteer Tara. …

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