Lynn's Journal

May 22 - May 28

Say's Phoebe

The Say’s Phoebes Are All Grown Up

Click on the photo above to see the phoebes eat mealworms all by themselves!

25 New Babies This Week

New arrivals included 8 new raptor youngsters, including this kidnapped fledgling American Kestrel. We will try and return him to his family. …

May 15 - May 21

Four baby RTHA's

Now There Are Four - Young Red-tailed Hawks

From left to right: Pink, Orange, Blank and Green. Pink fell out of a nest near Patterson, WA and was fed an inappropriate diet for three days, but seems to be OK. Orange fell from a nest near the Tri-Cities and has multiple injuries in his right wing and left hip. …

May 8 - May 14

Nestling RTHA

First Baby Hawk of the Season

A nestling Red-tailed Hawk fell from her(?) nest this week, fracturing her right humerus in the process. Hopefully she will heal as fast as the baby owls we have seen this spring. We will have to wait and see. There may also be a problem with her right elbow. …

May 1 - May 7

CAGO nestling

Baby Birds Come In All Shapes And Sizes...

A Canada Goose gosling couldn't keep up with his family. He will be fostered into a new family once his gimpy leg gets stronger.

These nestling American Crows became homeless when their nest tree was cut down. Their beaks are color-coded to tell them apart.

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