Lynn's Journal

June 21 - June 26

RTHA 16-431.001

More Goo

A second fledgling Red-tailed Hawk coated in goo was admitted this past week. It is very likely a sibling to the hawk admitted last week. Both were found in the same park in Moxee, WA and both have similar levels of lead in their blood, 5.2 and 5.9 micrograms/deciliter.

June 13 - June 19

GOEA part

Golden Eagle 16-437

At approximately four months of age, Golden Eagle 16-437 has led a harrowing life. One of three siblings, as documented by eagle falconers Joe and Cordi Atkinson who rescued the starving eagle, he grew up in the high desert of eastern Oregon in what can only be described as a pretty rough neighborhood. …

June 6 - June 12

Ariel & towels

Raining Raptors

This week brought 11 American Kestrels, 7 Red-tailed Hawks, a Prairie Falcon and a Western Screech Owl, and that is just the tip of the iceberg! We were excited and honored to host a producer and videographer from Oregon Field Guide. An episode featuring BMW will air during the fall season on Oregon Public Broadcasting.

May 30 0 June 5

3 Fuzzy Owls

We ♥️ Mice

The hay stack these three fuzzy Barn Owls were living in was moved, making them homeless. The well-meaning hay grower didn’t want to leave the owls on the ground where they would likely get eaten by other predators, so he took them home. He reportedly fed them an “occasional” mouse, but the majority of their diet consisted of hamburger. …

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