Lynn's Journal

Apr 20 - Apr 26

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Seminar Success!

BMW’s Raptor Handling Seminar this past weekend with Sid Price, Avian Ambassadors, was a wonderful success. We received a thorough introduction to the science of behavior change and its ethical application to bird training and we had a great time as well. …

Apr 13 - Apr 19

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Barn Owl Central

Barn Owl season started a month earlier than usual this year, but seemed to be going along at a fairly typical pace, until this week. The number of baby Barn Owls doubled in two days and now totals 90! The 2014 total was 96. Overall numbers are up as well. …

Apr 6 - Apr 12

Screech Owl nestling.jpg

Downy Western Screech Owls

This fuzzy guy is a Brancher. It had ventured out of the nest cavity (in a large tree) onto a nearby branch, hence the term “brancher.” It was a windy day in Pendleton and the owlet was blown out of the tree. It is starting to get wing feathers, but cannot fly. …

Mar 30 - Apr 5

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Barn Owl Babies

By the time they are 5 or 6 days old, hatchling Barn Owls are able to eat food off of a plate. Their eyes are still closed, but their mouths open wide.

1 baby.jpg

New Arrivals

These 6 babies arrived at the Tri-Cities Center from Ellensburg on Tuesday, with  transportation help from Kittitas Audubon Society. …

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