Lynn's Journal

Mar 20 - Mar 26

BAEA eggs

Don’t Mess With My Eggs!

In past years the eagles have laid two eggs. They have outdone themselves this year! It doesn’t matter that the eggs are not fertile, they will still be protected.

Red-tailed Hawk 17-108

RTHA 17-108

This Red-tailed Hawk tried to nest on a power pole. …

Mar 13 - Mar 19

BAEA & egg

Spring Is Officially Here!

The Bald Eagles have laid their first egg, just in time for the first day of spring. 

RTHA 17-103

A Red-tailed Hawk was taken to the Pet Health Clinic in Sunnyside with a broken wing. They took a radiograph and determined the hawk had been shot. 

Mar 6 - Mar 12

BAEA 17-094

Setting the Record Straight

The response to last week’s newsletter regarding ingested lead toxicity in raptors has been overwhelmingly positive. For this I am very grateful. It has come to my attention, however, that elements of the post have been used to promote agendas which do not align with that of Blue Mountain Wildlife. …

Feb 27 - Mar 5

BAEA 17-084 2

Bald Eagle 17-084

On Monday, February 27 we received a call about a Bald Eagle on the ground near Mesa, WA. With the help of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and volunteer Valerie, the eagle was in Pendleton by mid-day. He was showing signs of ingested lead toxicity, lead poisoning caused by eating an animal that has been shot with lead ammunition. 

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