Lynn's Journal

Nov 23 - Nov 29

GHOW Dayton rad.jpg

Great Horned Owls

Of the nine new  admissions this Week of Thanksgiving, five were owls: 2 Great Horned Owls, 2 Northern Saw-whet Owls and a Western Screech Owl. The first Great Horned Owl had a shattered pelvis from being struck by a vehicle. The damage was too extensive to be repaired and the bird was euthanized.

Nov 16 - Nov 22


Challenges In A Bird’s Life

This past week the weather, cars, a cat and barbed-wire were some of the challenges that brought birds to the rehab center. For the most part, the birds didn’t fare well. A Barn Owl hit by a semi on the freeway and a Northern Saw-whet Owl

Nov 9 - Nov 15

Turtle 1.jpg

900 and Counting

A  Painted Turtle, 15-900, was the 900th admission for the year. The turtle was found after its shell was damaged when a car ran over it. 

After doing some research, we decided to use hooks, superglue and epoxy and stainless steel surgical wire to align the pieces of shell.

Nov 2 - Nov 8

SAM 0317.jpg

In Memmoriam

We extend our deepest sympathies to the family of Alex Gadaire who died of a seizure disorder this past week. Alex loved birds of prey. He completed a BMW internship in 2013 and volunteered at the Pendleton center this past summer. Below he is providing physical therapy for a Great Horned Owlet. …

Oct 26 - Nov 1


Farewell Samantha

We bid a fond farewell to intern Samantha this week. She has worked some very long hours since her arrival in mid August. Fortunately business has slowed significantly. There were just four admissions this past week. We wish you the very best Samantha. …

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