Lynn's Journal

Apr 18 - Apr 24

2 GHOW's on Duff Rd.jpg


On Monday, Samantha and I checked on the two owlets placed in a nest platform east of Pendleton. If you look carefully, you can see two heads sticking up from the nest. Momma owl was perched next to the original nest which held one sibling. 

Two More Owls Renested

Apr 11 - Apr 17

4 Owls.001.jpg

And Then There Were Four

Two more young Great Horned Owls arrived this past week. Number three fell from a nest in Hermiston. Number four was found on the ground east of Pendleton. Owl number four was returned to the Pendleton nest and brought buddy number two with him. …

Apr 4 - Apr 10

BAEA 16-078.jpg

Another Sad Eagle Story

An emaciated and very lethargic Bald Eagle was admitted this past Thursday. His blood lead level was 164.5 micrograms/deciliter (20 mcg/dl is considered toxic). Despite our very best effort, he died 23 hours later. The bird had been seen on the ground for one week before we were called. …

Mar 28 - Apr 3

GHOW 5 days.001.jpg

Baby GHOW Followup

Five days after admission, a second x-ray was taken of the nestling Great Horned Owl who fell 35 feet from his nest. The change in bone density is remarkable. It is now apparent that the humerus was fractured near the elbow, the shoulder is damaged and the condition of the wrist is questionable. …

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