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Education Programs

BMW’s education team travels throughout the region taking non-releasable raptors to classrooms, outdoor schools, service organizations, and more.

Participants will learn about the raptors’ life histories, their role in a healthy environment, and our role in helping to maintain a harmonious coexistence with our native wildlife.

This program exposes an average of 10,000 people each year to an arm’s-length view of these magnificent birds.

Continuing Education for Rehabbers

Developing a high quality wildlife rehabilitation program requires constant updating & expanding of your knowledge. Opportunities for continuing education are limited in many rural areas, so to address this issue BMW offers an annual seminar. Rehabbers in Oregon, Washington and Idaho are offered opportunities for broadening their rehabilitation skills and networking with each other.  For more information, contact us.

What is a Raptor?
Raptor: From the Latin rapere, meaning "to seize or take by force."

A raptor, or bird-of-prey, is a designation of certain predatory species of birds. In order for a bird to be considered a raptor, it must have:

  • powerful talons for which to capture its prey
  • powerful feet for carrying its prey
  • a powerful, curved beak for ripping apart flesh
  • a keen sense of vision for hunting/finding food

Pop Quiz!

Which of the following are raptors?

  • Heron
  • Eagle
  • Owl
  • Penguin


An eagle and an owl are raptors, but a heron and a penguin are not. Though herons and penguins capture meat (both fish in this case), they do so using their beaks rather than their feet. Thus, they are not raptors. In fact, there are very few birds that are true herbivores.

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