Lynn's Journal

May 25 - May 31

Raven mouth.jpg

Baby Season Kicks Into High Gear

Baby season started out with mostly raptors: Barn Owls and Great Horned Owls. The species list is growing to include Red-tailed Hawk, Kestrel, Screech Owl, Robin, Dove, House Finch, Magpie, Crow and Raven. A few have been injured: a Robin with a broken leg that is splinted, a Raven with a shoulder injury, a 

May 18 - May 24


Farewell Brittany

We bid farewell to intern Brittany who has been working at the Pendleton Center for 8 weeks. The first 4 weeks she worked with fellow intern Jordan. The past week she and Jean have been sharing the workload, which is significant this time of year. …

May 11 - May 17

AMKE brancher.jpg

 Call Before You Rescue/Kidnap

Wildlife babies are growing fast. Many species of birds have fledged and are learning to fly. They often spend time on the ground, exploring their world, practicing flight and foraging skills. Their parents are keeping watch and feeding them, but it is a dangerous time for these youngsters. …

May 4 - May 10

Barn Owl eating.jpg

Bald Eagle

A Bald Eagle was found south of Baker City on the ground and unable to fly. 

BAEA head.jpg

X-rays taken at Pendleton Veterinary Clinic showed two fractures in the eagle’s right wing.

BAEA Ulna fxs.001.jpg

Dr. Katie Yackley surgically repaired the wing the next day using an approach described by Dr. …

Apr 27 - May 3


First Swainson’s Hawk of 2015

A small adult male Swainson’s Hawk appears to have been electrocuted. He has burns on his back above his tail in the area of the uropygial or preen gland. This gland is important in helping the bird water-proof his feathers. He also lost the halux talon of his left foot. …

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