Lynn's Journal

Jan 23 - Jan 29

RTHA 17-040 rad.001

Bird of the Month: Red-tailed Hawk

In 2016 the most common raptor admitted were Red-tailed Hawks (79). Already in 2017, twelve Red-tailed Hawks have been admitted, six in the past week. The week also brought a Sharp-shinned Hawk, 4 owls including another Screech Owl trapped in another chimney, a Coot, a Robin and a Meadowlark caught by a cat. …

Jan 16 - Jan 22

Pied-billed Grebe

Cutest Bird of the Week

While there were 8 raptors admitted this past week, the cutest little guy had to be the Pied-billed Grebe. It crash-landed on icy snow, thinking it was water. Fortunately there were no injuries and the tiny grebe was released. Thank you to Aaron Skirvin for help in identifying the species.

Jan 9 - Jan 15

RTHA 17-21 rad.001

Some things never change: RTHA 17-021

Four Red-tailed Hawks have been admitted in 2017. Two were shot. Three had measurable blood lead levels. Last week it was a hawk with two broken legs and a broken wing. This week the injuries are reversed, two broken wings and a broken leg. 

Jan 2 - Jan 8

RTHA 17-3.001

One Tough Bird

If Red-tailed Hawk 17-005 could talk, what a story she would tell. She was shot in early December. Her right femur and left tibiotarsus were fractured. She must have been in very good shape in order to survive three or four weeks, long enough for her broken legs to heal, before being rescued. …

Dec 26 - Jan 1

IMG 2143

Goodbye 2016

2016 is in the history books, and what a year it was. It was one of the busiest years ever with 929 admissions, including 425 raptors. It was a year of many accomplishments.

 We added a new, full-time staff position in March, welcoming wildlife rehabilitator Samantha Castoldi. 

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