Lynn's Journal

Feb 22 - Feb 28

BAEA 411 lead.jpg

Bald Eagle

The fourth Bald Eagle of 2016 was admitted this past Monday. At 411 micrograms/deciliter, his blood lead level was the highest ever measured at BMW. Despite an aggressive lead treatment plan, the eagle died on Friday.

A blood lead level of 20 micrograms/deciliter

Feb 15 - Feb 21

Mark McA.jpg

Awesome Volunteer of the Week

Volunteers are the arms and legs of Blue Mountain Wildlife. Birds often travel more than 100 miles to get to Pendleton, involving two or three volunteers. Of the seven admissions this past week, six came from Washington (all at least 100 miles from Pendleton).

Feb 8 - Feb 14

Saw-whet 1.jpg

Windows and Cats

Window strikes and cat attacks are two of the leading causes of fatal injuries to birds. Often times it seems that a bird will first strike a window, end up on the ground in a dazed condition, and then get mauled by a cat. That seems to be what happened to a

Feb 1 - Feb 7

Bill Hanley.jpg

Awesome Volunteer of the Week

Blue Mountain Wildlife has many dedicated volunteers. This past week volunteer Bill Hanley traveled more than 500 miles, making two trips to Pendleton from Baker City while transporting a Red-tailed Hawk, a Golden Eagle, a Great Horned Owl and a Bald Eagle.

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