Lynn's Journal

Feb 16 - Feb 22

RTHA rad.jpg

Red-tailed Hawk

X-rays taken of the hawk admitted a week ago show multiple fractures in the metacarpals of the right wing. The prognosis of having a fully functional wing is not good, but the bird is eating well and standing quietly on a perch so we will wait and see what happens.

Feb 9 - Feb 15

BAEA rad.001.png

Sad News First

The Bald Eaglefrom Moses Lake was successfully chelated with an oral medication, DMSA, lowereing his blood lead level from 22.3 micrograms/dl to 6 micrograms/dl. Unfortunately the damage in his left wing did not heal. Even though he had cage rest for three weeks (plus two days) the hairline fracture in his humerus fell apart. …

Feb 2 - Feb 8

Sid BaldEagle.jpg

Raptor Handling Seminar: April 25 & 26, 2015

Blue Mountain Wildlife's annual spring seminar will be a two-day event this year. Sid Price, Avian Ambassadors - Flights of Education, will be the featured speaker during a two-day seminar tailored to handlers of live birds for public education. …

Jan 26 - Feb 1

IMG 0109.jpg

Eagles and Lead

It was a long, bitter-sweet week treating two lead-poisoned Bald Eagles. The first eagle, mentioned two weeks ago in the journal, is progressing well, although once chelation therapy began it became apparent we would have a wrestling match twice a day in order to administer the treatment which is given as an intramuscular injection. …

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