Jul 31 - Aug 6

Hit By Car Golden Eagle Improving

GOEA now

The Golden Eagle looks a lot better now than when he was spotted lying in the road last week. When Rob Klavins stopped, he thought it was to move carrion out of the road so an eagle perched on a nearby rock wouldn’t also get hit by a car. He soon realized the bird in the road was alive and the eagle on the rock was most likely a sibling (the white band in its tail indicates it is a young eagle).

GOEA in Road
Sibling GOEA

Here is a link to a blog post by Rob Klavins of Oregon Wild that includes his rescue of the eagle. Thank you Rob!

Lots of Releases

The four new hack boxes built by the scouts this past spring are empty. They have helped us raise and release six Red-tailed Hawks, five Great Horned Owls, and, as of this past week, ten Swainson’s Hawks. Two Northern Harriers were also released from their artificial nest on the ground. Winnie was able to get this picture  of a harrier after it snagged a mouse from a feeding station.

Harrier juv

Northern Saw-whet Owl 17-443

NSOW juv

This juvenile saw-whet crashed into something, perhaps a window or a car, and dislocated his left scapula. We’ve immobilized the wing and are giving supportive care. Now we apply tincture of time and hope for success.

 Western Screech Owl 17-455

Mable & Screedch

We’re not sure what happened to this little screech owl. He acts like he has a headache. Above  intern Mable holds the owl while he recovers from anesthesia. There is also a laceration on the front of his left shoulder. We cleaned the wound and closed it with three staples. The skin stapler is my favorite new tool, so quick and easy. Thank you Dr. Jeff Cooney!

Screech wound
Screech stapled

Thank You Staff, Volunteers and Interns

In addition to the dedicated BMW volunteers who transport injured birds from all over eastern Washington and eastern Oregon, to Laurel and Michele who keep the Tri-Cities center running smoothly, and to Samantha and Winnie in Pendleton and Caroline who telecommutes from Palo Alto, we’ve had awesome help this summer from interns and volunteers at the Pendleton center. 

We said goodbye to Shannon this past week as she left for more wildlife rehab adventures. Parks, a Whitman College student in Walla Walla, interned here last summer and has been volunteering on weekends this summer. Below he is treating a young Robin that Mable is restraining.

Parks & Mable & robin

 Mable will be leaving this coming week to prepare for her junior year as a pre-vet student. Lily, a Pendleton High School student has been volunteering during summers since she was in middle school. She’s been a huge help this summer as well, but also found time to visit Pendleton’s Sister City in Japan with a group of fellow PHS students. 

Lily & Mable

We will welcome new interns Hilary and Ezra in the coming week!

Tribal Biologist David Moen is speaking in La Grande on Aug 10th about the return of the Condor...save the date!

Condor program.001

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