Apr 24 - Apr 30

Baby Season is in Full Swing

Eight species of babies have been admitted to BMW’s Pendleton and Tri-Cities centers in the last two weeks. Michele is now raising 17 Barn Owls at the hack site. Owl #2, that we have been watching, can now swallow whole mice and will be moved outside to a nest box with several other similar sized Barn Owls in the coming week.

#2 & 28 days

The Amazing Bones of a Baby Bird

Two-and-a-half weeks after admission, it is difficult to discern the broken wing on this baby Great Horned Owl by palpation. The radiographs below were taken on Day 3, Day 10 and Day 17.

Baby GHOW rad.001.jpg.001
GHOW 17-121.001
GHOW 17-121 3.001

Killdeer 17-138

This young Killdeer was rescued after his mother was killed and his/her three siblings died. Fortunately, it is eating well and growing like a weed.


Western Screech Owl 17-141

WESO 17-141

We’ve had a lot of wind the past few weeks, resulting in lots of baby birds ending up on the ground. This young Western Screech Owl appears to have injured his right shoulder in a fall. Hopefully, he will recover as quickly as the Great Horned Owl above.

WESO 17-141 rad.001

Fledgling Hummingbird 17-143

A dog mauled this tiny Hummingbird, likely a Cal liope or Black-chinned, injuring its right wing. It weighs just 2.6 grams. About all we can do is immobilize the wing while it recuperates in a hummingbird hospital cage. Isn’t it amazing what you can do with a toilet paper roll?

Hummer Hosp cage

Education Team: On the Road and at Home

Salmon Summit was held at Columbia Park in Kennewick, WA this past week. We visited with 16 classes of 4th graders over two days.

Salmon Summit


On Thursday, Pilot Rock Headstart students visited Blue Mountain Wildlife.

PR Pre-schoolers

We were on the road again Friday to provide raptor programs for K-6th graders at the Heppner Elementary School.

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