Apr 17 - Apr 23

As Big as the Apple!

Barn Owlet #2 continues to grow like crazy. At 15 days old, he’s as tall as the apple and his eyes are open. 

#2 at 15 days

More nestling Great Horned Owls

Five more nestling Great Horned Owls were admitted this past week. One had multiple injuries, but the prognosis for a full recovery is good.

GHOW baby 17-125
GHOW nestl 17-125.001

The broken wing of the nestling Great Horned Owl admitted last week has healed nicely.

GHOW 17-121.001

Three nestling Great Horned Owls whose nest was blown from a tree were returned to their parents the following day after a substitute nest was placed in the tree.

3 GHOW's

Nest platform

3 GHOWs in nest

Earth Day at McNary Dam

On Thursday we visited with first and second graders from McNary Heights Elementary School in celebration of Earth Day.

Earth Day at McNary Dam

OWRA Conference

BMW hosted the Oregon Wildlife Rehabilitators Spring Conference. Rehabbers came from throughout Oregon as well as Washington and Idaho. It was a great opportunity to learn from each other, network and have fun.

OWRA Conference

GOEA 17-132

While we were at the conference, volunteer Tara responed to a request from Oregon State Police to capture and transport a Golden Eagle who had been hit by a care near Baker City. Tara had the eagle, an adult male, in Pendleton before the conference concluded.  An exam revealed had and chest trauma, but no broken bones.  Hopefully supportive care will be enough to help him make a full recovery.

GOEA 17-132
GOEA 17-132 1

Swainson’s Hawk 17-133

Joe and Cordi Atkinson found an injured Swainson’s Hawk at the base of a power pole on their ranch near Vale, OR. It was one of a pair who have nested on the ranch for a number of years. Tara was again called on to help transport the bird to Pendleton.

An exam revealed the hawk was in excellent physical condition, especially amazing considering she had just completed her spring migration from Argentina to eastern Oregon. We also found burns on both feet and a small wound and broken primary feather on her right wingtip, indicating she had been electrocuted.

SWHA 17-133

A radiograph confirmed slight swelling in her right wingtip.

SWHA rad.001

The photo below shows her brood patch, an area on her abdomen that allows eggs to be incubated. 

SWHA brood patch

We will provide supportive care as we wait to see the extent of the damage caused by the electricity.

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