Apr 10 - Apr 16

Growing Like A Bird

Barn Owlet #2 is growing like a weed. In the first photo the owlet is 1 day old. In the second photo it is 8 days old.

#2 at 1 day
#2 at 8 days.JPG

In the video below, owlet #2 is eating off a plate for the first time at 5 days of age!

Great Horned Owl Nestling 17-121


This young Great Horned Owl has multiple injuries, including a fractured humerus. The branch supporting its nest broke, sending the nest crashing to the ground. It is normal for the joints of a very young bird to appear indistinct, but the mid-section of the long bones look strange in the radiograph. It is possible that the bird was fed an inappropriate diet for a day or two before being taken to wildlife authorities, and we are dealing with the early stages of metabolic bone disease. 

Baby GHOW rad.001.jpg.001

Great Horned Owl 17-123

We are having a run on Great Horned Owls. This is the second owl in two weeks who was found hanging in a fence. The first owl was tangled in a smooth wire fence. Unfortunately, this owl tangled with barbed-wire. We repaired tears in both wings. Hopefully the sutures will hold and she will heal quickly.

Owl in wire
GHOW 17-123

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